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Me lo dijo Adela

Monday through Friday, Adela Micha presents a morning show with news on sports, entertainment and culture. The show starts with the most important news story of the day, followed by an editorial by Adela and interviews with key people involved in the story. Additionally, the show has segments on beauty, sex, and legal issues.

Adela Micha

Adela Micha is a renowned Mexican journalist with more than 30 years of experience in radio, television, and digital media.

She has hosted top shows on Televisa, such as Las Noticias por Adela and La Entrevista por Adela, and she led the broadcast "La Primera por Adela" on Grupo Imagen Multimedia.

She has also directed shows of her own design, including newscasts, debate shows, and news analysis programs.

She is the co-author of the book “Gritos y Susurros, the biographies of leading women in Mexico", and has received various awards, including the National Journalism Award, the ACE award from the Association of Latin American Entertainment Critics of New York, and the José Pagés Llergo award for a series of interviews with prisoners in Guanajuato. She was also recently awarded the Mexican senate’s “Leona Vicario" medal in 2018.

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