La Taquilla

with René Franco

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About La Taquilla:

La Taquilla is a successful radio show created and hosted by René Franco since 1996 on Mexican national radio. Now it is reborn on the internet as a tribute to good radio and good television.

La Taquilla covers the most frivolous aspects of culture and the deepest aspects of entertainment. In this show, the hosts speak from the perspective of art and entertainment about social, moral, ethical, political and sports topics and whatever else they feel like commenting on, in infotainment format.

About René Franco:

René Franco is a Mexican journalist who has worked in art and entertainment since 1990. He has done more than 500 interviews with key figures from the culture, art and politics worlds. He has designed and coordinated the publishing of many music books, as well as magazines and art books.

In theater, he has worked as an actor in the plays Que no se entere el Presidente, directed by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo; Una pareja con ángel, directed by Héctor Bonilla and El Tenorio Cómico, produced by Alejandro Gou. He currently produces and performs in Este StandUp ya llegó, a comedy show, at El Cuevón in Mexico City.

In radio, he was the producer, creator and host of the program La Taquilla (Radio Formula, 104.1 FM) from 1996 to 2023. He is also responsible for the La Reventa section on the Informativo de Pepe Cárdenas show.

On television, he was the host and editorial director of the program Hola México in 1998, a collaborator of the programs Caiga quien Caiga (1997-2000), and Desde Gayola of Válvula de Escape, on Telehit, the main commentator during four Oscar awards ceremonies (from 2000 to 2003), entertainment journalist for the Tómbola program, and main host of the programs El recreo and La Academia, el especial, on TV Azteca. He produced and hosted the late night talk show Es de Noche y ya Llegué, for Unicable-Televisa, for more than 12 years.

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