Podcast Sobrenatural

con Carlos Rubio

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Acerca de Podcast Sobrenatural:

The search for truth led Prof. Carlos Rubio from university classrooms to dedicating his life to researching supernatural phenomena. With an incredible passion and objective vision, Prof. Rubio interviews experts and researchers from various scientific, philosophical and para-scientific disciplines who seek to unveil the great mysteries of the universe and the enigmas of mankind. In this show we analyze miracles, secrets, conspiracies, angels and demons, mysteries and various phenomena that until now remain unexplained.

Acerca de Carlos Rubio:

Carlos Rubio has a Master's Degree in Mexico-US Studies, and 13 years of experience as a professor of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses at UNAM, UVM and UIN. In addition, he has 10 years of experience as a reporter for the TV program “Tercer Milenio” with Jaime Maussan.

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