Lo que no se habla

with Giselle Blondet

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Lo que no se habla is Giselle Blondet’s podcast in which she and her famous guests bare their souls. Alongside the psychologist Janis Santaella, Giselle, in her inimitable style, discusses subjects with her celebrity guests that many people find difficult to talk about. Giselle and her guests open up and vent, without judging anyone and, along with Janis, look for practical solutions to life’s problems and complications.

Giselle Blondet

Giselle Blondet is one of the most widely recognized and beloved Latinas in the U.S. She has been a star for over 30 years, appearing in soap operas and mini-series, co-hosting the iconic morning TV show ¡Despierta América! for eight years, and hosting the hit TV reality program Nuestra Belleza Latina for seven. In addition to her work in television, Giselle is also an author and entrepreneur. She had her own bedding and jewelry line at Walmart, “Gi by Giselle Blondet,” and wrote a popular self-help book, Tengo 50 ¿y qué? (“I’m 50, so what?”), about thriving as a woman at every stage in life.

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