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¡Cuéntamelo Todo!

with Carolina Sandoval and Bárbara Camila

The always entertaining Carolina Sandoval hosts ¡Cuéntamelo Todo! Con Carolina Sandoval, a new podcast by Pitaya Entertainment in which she reveals absolutely EVERYTHING that goes on behind the scenes of her extremely popular social media posts, her travels, and her personal and professional life.

Carolina Sandoval

With a long career in media, the Venezuelan journalist Carolina Sandoval, better known as “La Venenosa,” ha positioned herself as one of the most irreverent and successful communicators in U.S. Hispanic media. Her charisma, originality, and great sense of humor have earned her more than 9.5 million followers on social media and put her on the radar of the White House, with whom she has collaborated on important campaigns and at whose request she interviewed NIAID Director Anthony Fauci.

Her many facets as a journalist, communicator, TV presenter, entrepreneur, daughter, wife, proud mother of two, and—above all—as an influencer, have taken her success to new heights. Her unique personality and influence can create new trends in fashion and in people’s attitudes. However, what’s most important to her is the connection she has with her fans, which allows her to change people’s minds and help build their confidence. Carolina is a communicator with an organic and creative style that speaks to our digital age; an age that offers an inclusive virtual space where everyone can contribute, express themselves, and benefit.