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Testimonio Paranormal

with Juan Manuel López Torreblanca

Testimonio Paranormal is a terrifying weekly podcast about the occult, paranormal phenomena, and inexplicably strange events. Every week, Juan Manuel interviews people who claim to have had a paranormal experience of a particular kind–extraterrestrial contact, ghost sightings, etc.--and tries to get to the bottom of what happened.

Juan Manuel López Torreblanca

Juan Manuel López Torreblanca is a designer and video creator who, after going through several terrifying and inexplicable experiences as a child, has dedicated his life to understanding paranormal phenomena. He has investigated all sorts of paranormal activity, particularly in Mexico, including spiritism, apparitions, haunted places, demonic possessions, extraterrestrial contact, and more. Juan Manuel eventually had to take a step back from his research because of the negative consequences of investigating the paranormal in such depth. He has held on to the material he gathered during all his years out in the field and he is sharing it with the public for the first time in Testimonio Paranormal, a new podcast by Pitaya Entertainment.