We’ve asked many people recently about whether they listen to podcasts, and a lot of them say they’re really interested but simply haven’t taken the time to learn how to play podcasts, or they’re afraid it will cost them money. We’re here to help!

Let’s be clear: Podcasts are absolutely free! They’re like radio shows you can play on your phone, but unlike the radio you can start and pause a podcast whenever you want. And you can subscribe to them, which doesn’t mean pay. It means you automatically get new episodes whenever they arrive.

Now, listening to a podcast is really easy. All you need is an app on your phone. But the good news is, you probably already have an app you can use. To show you how to start listening, we’ll use our podcasts as an example, but once you find the podcast app you like, you’ll be able to listen to any of the thousands of shows out there.

Hyphenated Podcast

If you have an iPhone, look for this Apple Podcasts icon and click it.

That will take you to our show. All you have to do is hit Subscribe – again, that’s a totally free subscription – and then click on any of the episodes below to start playing them.

In the future, when you want to listen to more podcasts, just look for that purple Apple Podcasts app

If you have an Android phone, click on one of the links above and look for the Spotify icon.

That will open Spotify and take you right to our show page.

You’ll notice that instead of “Subscribe,” Spotify uses the word “Follow,” which is the same thing: It means you can be notified when we publish new episodes.

Once you’ve followed some podcasts, you can find them again by clicking on “Your Library” and then “Podcasts,” and you’ll see all your shows.

OK! Now that you’ve subscribed to one podcast, you can use your app’s Search or Browse or Explore section to find more. You can look at the charts of popular podcasts to see what other people like, or search for things like news or true crime or sports or your favorite hobby. There’s literally something for everyone. You can also search for the name of our network, Pitaya, to find other shows like ours.

That’s all there is to it! Before you know it, you’ll be listening to podcasts like a champion.