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Que Pase el Desgraciado

con Laura Bozzo

Que Pase el Desgraciado is the podcast where Laura Bozzo presents the most shocking, surprising, and amusing real-life cases of men who have cheated on and lied to their partners. In every episode, Laura, the queen of talk shows, uses her vast experience to help the people who write to her, providing valuable life-lessons with the help of Nashla Aguilar and special guests.

Laura Bozzo

Laura Bozzo, "The Queen of Talk Shows", is a Peruvian lawyer and television presenter with more than 30 years of experience in television. Her name is iconic in the Latin talk show genre and her career has been immersed in controversy.

A lawyer by profession, she has a PhD in Law and Political Science.

She became known throughout Latin America with the incredibly successful TV show Laura en América, where she addressed family problems within the most unprivileged sectors of society. Because she usually dealt with issues such as mistreatment of women, alcoholism, unemployment and infidelity, she is also known as a defender of women. In 2022, she participated in the reality show La Casa de los Famosos, which has made her incredibly popular among a new generation of viewers. Laura de América, donde abordaba problemas familiares de los sectores más golpeados de la sociedad. Por tratar temas como maltrato a la mujer, alcoholismo, desempleo e infidelidad también es conocida como la defensora de las mujeres. Su participación en La Casa de los Famosos en 2022 fue un relanzamiento de su carrera, ya que se identificó con las nuevas generaciones.