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About Ponchote Podcast:

This is the podcast version of “El Canal de Ponchote”, the successful YouTube channel for reviews, research and debate on the most controversial cases in the world of entertainment. Ponchote not only masters various topics related to the entertainment media, but also combines his analysis with the opinion of experts on different topics, such as law or psychology. Poncho presents an interesting way of professionalizing entertainment news while also bringing humor into the equation.

About Ponchote:

Alfonso Martínez "Ponchote" has extensive experience in the entertainment business, having worked as a producer, journalist, writer and photographer in different projects. It was not until recently that he debuted in front of the cameras on the YouTube show "De Historia en Historia", and thanks to his success he created his own channel "El canal de Ponchote", where in a very short time he has positioned himself as one one of the most successful content creators on the market.

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